Pipelines are required to withstand internal hydrostatic pressure, external loads from soil, surcharge and traffic and are required to be safe against buckling (Young, 1983 and 1986; Clarke, 1968). One form of E that is commonly used is. The use of soil modulus as a criterion for compaction control can be applied in a similar manner that the dry density is currently used. (2005), Jamiolkowski et al. Flexible pipes offer economical solutions and are therefore widely used. Structural design in general is based on the pipe cross section. Typical p–y curves for a consolidated clay, Figure 14.22. Example of the same modulus test in the lab and in the field. The result of these Proctor tests is a BCD modulus versus water content curve as well as a dry density versus water content curve. For soils the stress-strain behaviour of most interest in earthquakes is that involving shear, and, except for competent rock, engineering soils behave in a markedly non-linear fashion in the stress range of interest. Loading from traffic differs between standards; for example, pressures determined at the crown of the pipe from traffic under normal roads according to BS EN 1295-1 and from HS-20 loading according to AWWA M45 differ significantly for pipe cover less than 5 m. At 1.0 m cover the pressure using BS EN 1295-1 is about 3 times higher and at 1.8 m cover the ratio is about 2.5 times reducing to about 1.2 times at 5 m cover (Little, 2004). Longitudinal bending arising from uneven trench support is not usually specifically considered except where pipes are designed to be supported at discrete intervals (Section 15.7) or at connections to structures and where differential settlement is expected. Two methods for determining deformation parameters of granular soils are described. Then the target BCD modulus and the target water content are selected and written in the specifications; they must be achieved in the field. Kim Chan, Bosco Poon, in Ground Improvement Case Histories, 2015. Despite case histories of much greater values, D/t for steel pipes should in no case be more than 200 (stiffness 2 kN/m2) to retain sensible control during installation. Long term values are obtained by extrapolation of tests over various periods to obtain 50 year values. 9.11). Safety against buckling of flexible pipes also depends on overall soil modulus. The magnitude of deflection, rotation and bending moment at the end of the pipe will depend on a balance of forces between the pile and surrounding soil. (1994), Kim (2009), Knight and Enders (2005), Mavko et al. ‘Ultra short’ term (10 second) values are significantly greater than the one hour values and are applied when calculating pressure surges. Thereby, the final n along the depth of the column is the lower of the two solutions at the same depth. The D/t ratio selected then depends on overall installed cost. Flexible and semi rigid pipes deflect under load in inverse relation to pipe stiffness and overall, Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book (Twelfth Edition), One of the greatest difficulties in solving this equation arises from the fact that the, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. The…, Effects of Strain Amplitude on the Shear Modulus of Soils, Vibratory compaction of coarse-grained soils, DEFORMATION PROPERTIES OF FINE-GRAINED SOILS, Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand, Sample Disturbance and Stress-Strain Behavior, Guidelines for use, interpretation, and application of the CPT and CPTU manual, Interpretations of CPT’s and CPTU’s, 2nd part: Drained penetration of sands, SETTLEMENT CHARACTERISTICS OF PRECONSOLIDATED NATURAL SANDS, View 6 excerpts, references background and results. Figure 14.21 presents typical soil reaction against deflection curves for a consolidated clay soil and demonstrates the flattening out of the reaction/deflection curves at large deflections. BS EN 1295-1 summarizes the various European design methods and its UK National annex A sets out procedures for the three pipe categories. The CPT method has several advantages, including the ability to measure Vs at several depths within the soil profile and that the instrument can be used for in-situ determination of strength parameters. The modulus curve is used to define the maximum BCD modulus and the corresponding optimum moisture content (Fig. where EL is the value of the modulus at the pile bottom and N is an empirical index equal to or greater than zero. Combining equations (14.15) and (14.16) yields the basic differential equation for a laterally loaded pile as, One of the greatest difficulties in solving this equation arises from the fact that the soil modulus, E, varies both with pile deflection, y, and with depth, x. As a general rule pipes classed as flexible are sized by outside diameter (OD) while rigid and semi-rigid pipes are sized by internal diameter (ID); GRP pipes are sized by ID or OD depending on the manufacturing method (Section 15.19). A simple but very approximate method for calculating pile behaviour is obtained by assuming that the pile is completely fixed against rotation at some point below the mud line (such as A in Figure 14.20). Determination of this behaviour requires data on the lateral soil reaction on the pile as a function of depth together with a means of structural analysis of the pile itself due to a varying soil loading. In addition ring bending for buried pipe tends not to be included specifically in steel pipe design. Semi rigid pipes derive their support partly from the soil and partly from the pipe stiffness. Rigid pipes tend to attract more load than more flexible pipes, particularly in wide trench situations. Flexible pipes derive their support primarily from passive soil resistance which develops as the pipe ovalizes under vertical load and deflects horizontally into the side fill. The relevant elastic equations, with units ( F = force, L = length) in brackets, are as follows: [2.1] Shear modulus, G = ρ ⋅ V s 2 = E 2 1 + υ ⇒ F L 2. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Rigid pipes deflect little; their load carrying capacity is derived from ring bending strength (as determined from crushing tests) and can be increased by bedding factors for various standardized bedding and surrounds. J.-L. Briaud, D. Saez, in Ground Improvement Case Histories, 2015. At large strains the stress-strain curve becomes markedly non-linear so that … Notation: Young’s modulus E, shear modulus G, constraint modulus M, Poisson’s ratio v, S-wave velocity-effective stress parameters α and β, normalizing stress pr, and mean effective stress in the propagation plane σ′mean. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B978008100698600009X, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9781845695804500028, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780081001929000181, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780750668439000238, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B978075061195450018X, Site investigation, characterization and assessment for wind turbine design and construction, New Analytical Approach for Predicting Horizontal Displacement of Stone Columns, Don D. Ratnayaka, ... K. Michael Johnson, in, ). (b) Sketch of BCD test. Wall thickness can be determined by design for internal pressure and buckling and choice of material strength. Figure 9.12 shows an example of a modulus measuring device that can be applied in the lab and in the field. Christensen, in Wind Energy Systems, 2011. Soil moduli are used to calculate foundation stiffness, which is typically provided by turbine manufacturers. The first method is based on results from the seismic cone penetration test. Figure 14.20. J.M. Poulos and Davis23 give further details. The contribution of pipe stiffness is small. Deflection and moment of an embedded pile. where k is a constant. Analytic solutions for equation (14.17) are available for N = 0. A comparison of target modulus values from the PLT, the LWD, and the BCD for pavement applications are shown in Table 9.8.

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