A tufted headboard like this may look simple, but it is not just an accessory for the bed. Any grey tone will fit in the room together with the purple hue that you choose. This type of hue is not only matching with the color combo. Concerning the purple and grey theme of the room, the plum chaise lounge gives an excellent point. Learn more about: Cookie Policy, 13 Most Wonderful Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas That You Will Love, 2. The key is to choose bright colors, such as white and grey, to accompany purple. Some people want their bedroom to look soft and vulnerable, but we understand that you are unique and you crave for something that’s stronger than that. Besides the fact that this furniture piece can strengthen the color theme in the bedroom, there are some other benefits you can obtain from this sofa. That’s why a lot of people choose pink to accompany purple. To create a distinct character, you can place a flower accent on the wall that’s actually mirrors. The pattern can be based on your idea and creativity, so you have a sense of proud when you’re done. The best thing about doing this is that you can create a bold but sweet look in the room. In this picture, the color of the wall is black. Some people just love dark bedroom wall because it makes them rest better than when they sleep in a room with bright walls. Those are an area rug, poufs, and decorations that have the same theme with the poufs. Selecting a soft purple color, such as pastel, is not a wrong decision too since it is also suitable for girls. Besides, with the proper lighting, it looks sweet and elegant. The two primary colors, which are grey and purple, have darker looks. Purple is an attractive color, because it brings pleasure to the eyes. Sometimes, people are too afraid to play with pattern wallpaper, because sometimes it comes out too strong. That’s why you can also combine purple with Romanian’s traditional pattern. The only purple shades exist in there come from the drapes and the bolster. Required fields are marked *, Get Warmer Feeling with Purple Bedroom Design. It is a girl’s room made of purple as the dominant color and purplish grey as the secondary color. Not to forget the fact that the purple color in the combo also makes a mysterious feel to come to the room. This room provides you with dark purple ceiling with white trims. Twitter Facebook 2.9k Pinterest Email. Your email address will not be published. You need to consider something like this when choosing a mural design for your bedroom. Those are adequate lighting and a color addition that can enhance the room brightness. However, the dark wall color does not make it looks cramped. Of course, the reason why this type of headboard is excellent for the grey and purple bedroom is not merely because it is suitable for everyone. You can paint every inch of the room with it if you want it. Other than combining purple with other colors from the wheel, you can combine the tones in purple together. The existence of the patterned-accent wall here gives an advantage to the bedroom because instead of paying more attention to how small the room is, people will notice the beautiful detail more. It is also the one that can create balance in the interior design. If by any chance you are having difficulty in creating the mural on your own, there are several options you can choose. Well, You just need to consider some purple bedroom ideas combined with other colors below. Popular in contemporary designs and is a great accent color without being too vibrant. This detail is very suitable to boost the look of the interior design especially when the room is lacking in something. Other than those details, the room also has a large window facing the right side so the natural light of the sun can enter the room easily through it. You have known that purple has several different tones. The reason is that the bed accessory does not has any childish value that must you to replace it with another headboard as time goes by. This color can be the one you choose for your room if you do not know which one to pick. If you want to decorate a bedroom for a teenager with this color combination, you can also add a secondary color other than just using the two primary tones. We all know that grandma is the perfect companion when we want to be given extra love. The purple hue, on the other hand, mainly appears on the bedding set covering the bed. :), Your email address will not be published. The softest purple can tint the walls, while the lovely purple bed, window treatments, bench, and accent pillows are soft and romantic. The choice of headboard for the bed in this room is also perfect. To build the atmosphere, you can mix and match other elements, such as the pillows. Placing the lounge in your bedroom also means creating a comfortable reading spot or a place where you can relax a bit. Glamor Feminine Purple and Grey Bedroom, 10. Looking at the color wheel, purple and pink are actually pretty close. All those are available clearly in the example below. However, if the color is soft and bright, the headboard is a better choice for female occupants. However, for this room type, you need to pay more attention to the selection of purple tone. First of all, the headwall is decorated with unique flower pattern. The back wall is full black. If you are interested in this idea, there is a tip you can follow. Other than that, the headwall seems to be decorated with distinct patterns, and we know that such uniqueness will add more value to the room. All those items exist in the picture below. You can see the bedroom in the picture above does not have much space. Do you want to experience a coastal vibe? As an example, please look at the picture of a transitional bedroom below in which a plum-colored chaise lounge is an element. Even the magnificent painting at the back is not going ahead of the purple on the bed and the carpet. With purple, there are a lot of ideas that you can come up with, such as a simple bedroom with purple walls. That is actually enough to bring the dramatic effect into your bedroom. Purple bedroom ideas that match the decor and bed lines can create a cohesive design style without costing a lot of money. Those ideas include: Now that you have already known all of the ideas in the list above, it is the time for you to read the further information about each of them. Other than these warm purple shades, you can also use soft or pastel tones since they get along nicely with warm grey colors to create the feel you want in the interior. Let’s have a look! Talking about color addition, you can also add black accents in your grey and purple bedroom if you want to. If combining purple and another color is not something that you’re here for, then this may be the answer to your prayer. Purple can be seen dominating the walls and the carpet. If money is a problem, you can just go for a cheaper option. In this design, purple dominates several important element of the room, such as the drapes that builds the mood, especially when it is hit by the sun light. Moreover, you’re highly suggested to choose white as the base. If you want to enhance the drama, you can install a dramatic chandelier too. This action will leave a soft sensation on your feet and instantly boost the comfort. Other than that, you can also use pattern to make the room more lively. A purple and grey room can also obtain an airy atmosphere as long as you choose the right hues for it. The example of a warm purple and grey room is available in the picture below. Another good inspiration you can gain from the same picture is the use of grey color with a purple undertone. Perhaps, go with clean purple, which means that you don’t utilize fabric or wallpaper that uses strong pattern. It is a special occasion where you can spend the entire day eating chocolate with your loved ones or with yourself. For a purple bedroom theme, the bed is not the only thing that can be transformed into a purple-themed area, but the accessories around the bed can also be touched with purple. 03 of 09. It is something that can affect the whole room, including the feel. Some of the examples are mauve, orchid, violet, lilac, and lavender. Well, you have to pick purple from the brighter shade, such as shown from this design. So, how to get it? Here, purple is used for some elements of the bed and the drapes. However, the most important thing is the purple. This color has a warm characteristic because of the beige undertones. So, to give you some pictures of how a purple bedroom looks like, we have provided you with many choices of purple bedroom design ideas. Based on this, it would be nice if you choose a lighter purple tone. Next, you can spice up your purple and grey room by adding a mural in it. The example of this exists in the picture of traditional bedroom below. This fact applied more to the rug because it will be the one you step on before and after sleeping on the bed. Required fields are marked *, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Ugh, okay, we totally understand you! Purple and Grey Combo for Female Teenager’s Room, 5. These days, we recognize it as one of the most popular choices in the color wheel, especially when it comes to romance. The specific wall color name in this picture is lilac. An Elegant-Patterned Accent Wall in Purple and Grey Bedroom, 3. Other than that, the room now looks expensive as well. Related Bedroom Galleries You May Like: Purple Bedroom Designs – 27 Girls Bedroom Ideas – Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas – French Provincial Bedroom Designs. The next idea is about the use of elegant-patterned accent wall in a bedroom with a purple and grey theme. The walls of this room have two-tone style with lighter and darker grey as the primary tones. The wall color, which is more dominant, looks very similar to iris or amethyst purple shade. To add more fun, you can play with various tones of pink and various tones of purple, and combine them in this one room. You can even choose something that matches your taste or even your age. If we’re not careful, our attempt to create a purple-themed bedroom will end up looking cheap and unattractive. Lighter varieties of mauve can also function just as well as beige and other neutral colors, Wine – a dark, deep & bold purple variety derived from the deep color of red wine, Mulberry – a representation of the mulberry fruit, this color is another deep color, with a stronger red-violet undertone, Grape – closer to the blue spectrum, this purple variety evokes a sense of elegance and luxury, Plum – representation of the plum fruit, this color is another dark & deep purple variety. Purple is also known as a color that’s strong and dramatizing. For the grey color, the best shades to choose are greige. of now I shall give away information in respect to the latest coral and purple bedroom. It is also beautiful to decorate your bedroom with real flowers or plastic ones, and flowery pattern pillow cases. A king size bed can also make the room looks majestic. As you can see, purple dominates the blanket and the entire walls. This isn’t a problem for a purple bedroom design idea, because you can still add purple to other elements, such as the accessories—lamp, flowery wallpaper, etc.

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