If you’re looking to increase your earnings while building equity in your property, a cabin kit can turn into a profitable side hustle that ends up paying for itself and more in the long run. Choose whether you want to construct your cabin yourself, or hire a local handyman or contractor to build it for you. Located south of Astoria, Oregon, this heavily modified Rogue cabin kit with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms was redesigned to include a storage loft over the kitchen. Smaller cabins have single-pane windows, while larger log cabin kits and log homes have double pane. If you don’t have time, simply hire someone locally to build the cabin for you. Our company also offers full custom design large log cabin kits if you like! Email Us 800-655-5322; Email Us 800-655-5322; Home. Whichever one you choose; we guarantee it’s easy to install and will make your log cabin home comfortable and warm. Log cabins come with a number of hidden costs that post and beam cabins seek to eliminate. We supply pictures and videos to help with cabin construction and gladly answer any questions you may have during the building process, by phone, Skype, or email. Our high-quality, Amish-crafted furnishings and storage products are all handmade in Montana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We also build tiny homes. Click HERE to see how they go together. Have a look at what can be achieved with a Cedarspan™ Cabin, Barn or Cottage! Cedarspan Panel system is able to be transported on a smaller size truck or trailer. Our cabin kit packages come fully equipped with some of the best standard materials, including select-grade cedar siding and premium window packages from Andersen Windows. © Greenspan Group Pty Ltd 2016 Bear River Country Log Homes Offer Log Home packages are available in Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Idaho and Utah. Throughout the course of the build, a third-party inspector comes in to inspect the various components of each build. But there's one hurdle - building a home on rural properties isn't easy, and can take months on end. [...], As our beautiful country slowly opens back up again, we're thinking about all the wonderful Aussie Airbnb & holiday property hosts who have had a rough time of it lately. The kit designs are high quality, durable, and sophisticated. The Rogue is our most popular cabin kit model with a simple, yet attractive layout. Structural timber and treated subframe. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or if you will need cabin plans for your permit processing. The size of cabins range from one room to a four bedroom with living areas. Increased Storage Space 2nd Level Loft can be created without increasing the footprint. YES! I’m very happy with the finished product. I worked with Pioneer Sheds giving them drawings and dimensions where I would like things and how and they were very receptive to the things I wanted, and they made suggestions of how they would like things, so it would make it easier to build and satisfy what I was looking for. Cedarspan's range of relocatable granny flats, DIY country cottages, cabin kits and barns allow you to add an extra bedroom, garden studio or workshop. Rural Lifetyle buildings for all your lifestyle space & storage needs. We urge you to check with your local municipality to find out what, if any permits you need before building your new log cabin or sauna. We decide this on a case-by-case basis and will inform you when you place your order of any shipping costs involved. All our products are shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey. But they start as low as $2490.00 USD (approximately 75-100 Square feet structure). Delivered fully assembled and ready for use, you can avoid the hassle of assembling a mini cottage or log cabin kit this summer and simply relax. We offer uniquely and finely crafted furniture and structures that include many products created locally in Montana! Be assured that I recommend Cedarspan to all my friends when given the chance. Three different gable design profiles, many different size lengths and all can be customized to perfectly match your property! Dear Cedarspan – Talk about multiple purposes, the cabin has been indispensable for storage/studio uses and creates an attractive setting amongst the trees. A cabin kit is a pre-fabricated design and materials package that is crafted to perfection using the latest technology and time-tested construction methods. Instantly treat yourself to a beautiful, functional living or work space with affordable indoor furnishings and storage solutions from Trailside Structures. Trailside Structures is an experienced modular home & prefab cabin builder serving Montana, Colorado & surrounding areas. This is why we work with some of America’s best suppliers of doors, windows, and equestrian equipment, including Andersen Windows and Classic Equine. First, I would have to say it was an excellent work relationship since there was an ease of setting on details of the cabin to fit my needs and for them to build the cabin. You just need to send us your cabin plans and the square feet required and we will have the factory provide you with drawings of the design that you like. The Modern Deschutes is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin design with a bold single-slope roof design. Factory Direct Prebuilt Cabins. Whether you use it as an art studio, guest quarters, home office, or for that growing teen who’s going to school, our cabin kits make perfect additions for extra space, which is what your growing family needs. To put it simply, we enjoy providing quality products that will offer lasting beauty and value to customers like you. They make a perfect addition to any backyard or vacation property. You can have a log cabin with bedrooms and a porch, or just one large room to accommodate whatever needs you have for extra space. The Modern McKenzie is a small sloped cabin design with a compact footprint, perfect for couples or solos. This classic rural home is made up of two Cedarspan Cabins, which we installed over 10 years ago. Prefabrication also allows for more accurate construction and better quality, so you can rest easy in a structure built to last a lifetime. If it’s time to upgrade your existing modular log cabin or looking to build on your current property, look no further than Trailside Structures. We build some of the largest modular prefab cabins in Tennessee. As vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo continue to grow in popularity, many homeowners are joining in on the trend by adding an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, to their property and renting it out to guests. Skip to content. If you’re looking for something different than our standard materials, we offer hundreds of options and upgrades so you can personalize your cabin to match your vision for the space. DC Structures is a nationwide firm with over fifteen years’ experience in the design and construction of heavy timber structures. Our goal isn't simply to sell something and call it a day. You can expect quality products and any assistance you may need from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Experience Oberon – and stay in a 5 Star Cedarspan Alpine Chalet! Pride ourselves on the after sales service. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, backyard guest house, or full-time residence, our line of post and beam cabin kits can be customized to meet your unique needs. If you're looking for indoor furniture to complete your tiny house or modular log cabin, our rustic furniture is sure to please. The Buyer’s Guide on our website includes all the information needed for this step. Our experienced builders will help you decide what works best with your current property as well as working with your budget. All bolt holes are pre-drilled and the buildings require very little skill to erect – just place the panels and bolt them together. © 2020 All rights Reserved. Also, we provide “free shipping” to many areas of Canada and the U.S., except for remote regions and Hawaii. Our rustic furniture is ideal for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, or business owners who want to embrace a charming, natural look for their home or business environment. Most of our cabin kits have double-pane glass windows, but it depends on which kit you purchase. Problems have been faced with a “can do” attitude and all have been courteous throughout. We supply the cabin; you add the extra features. The Antelope Cabin cabin combines two or more of our modular cabins to create a desired living space and accommodate the needs of larger family’s and groups. Greenspan group believes in sustainable world. The McKenzie is a fun-sized cabin with a modern studio apartment feel. The cabins feature cedar[...], Buying rural property and escaping the city smog is a dream many Australians have. Step by Step install manual is included. More than 600 square feet in a single unit and over 1200 square feet. I asked them to modify the interior and add a second floor which required lowering the floor and installing a fold down ladder to access the second floor. Being located in the Pacific Northwest gives us the ability to source the finest select-grade heavy timbers and wood siding products for all of our cabin kits.

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