They great for beginners to test the waters I’d say.. start with one & see how you go. This was my first try at edibles and was so pleasantly surprised. These little candies are one of my FAVORITE ! 4* for the price, works good tastes good. I eat about 2-4 depending on what im doing DONT DO IT. Each bag contains 300mg CBD in the whole package. That’s 40mgs… to get just a small buzz. I bought these gummies twice now. .. ……………………………. Cuz I like too get realllll high, Mota strikes again with these little beautiful morsels. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! After reading a few review on these, i decided I started off with 2 gummies (20mg), just to be safe. Up to 15% Off Automatically Applied @ Checkout I find if I’m already tired, these sometimes send me to bed a little earlier than I’d like. These are very low dose and not as advertised. 150mg for 11$ is a great price as well. These taste pretty good. I have given this 4 stars, but it’s more like 3.5 stars. Ive yet to get the body buzz promised from gummies but guess I havent found the right dose yet. Good god these little devils are tasty. I love this juicy square candies. Very good tasting and I like how there is a variety for the different flavours in the pack. Great feeling from these squares. PeterPan Definitely a bigger bang for your buck! Highly recommend to anyone. Mota definitely makes the best edibles. Great place to start. Love that its in smaller doses so that you can take one as the others start to wear off. I’ve already purchased more after trying the product! You get a lot in a pack so it’s good for beginners or those who want to dose small. My favourite thing and the reason why I give them 5 stars is because for $11 you get 150 mg of thc that are measured in 10 mg doses-it’s perfect for the beginner or advanced users. Could really btaste the pllant . They pack a powerful little punch. Not very potent I had to eat like 3-4 to feel anything but the thing I LOVE about these is that it wasn’t a head high it was a body high which made me feel clear headed and energized I ended up cleaning my whole house and there was no “blah” burnt out feeling when it wore off. Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving. The watermelon one is the BEST!!!!! (verified owner) – September 7, 2020. 100mg THC per Key Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving. One of the best tasty sour squares I ever had , could eat them all day long. A couple of these and I was good to go. Squares taste great but I found that they arent very potent. They are a great deal for what they are. Not a problem you have to deal with. I only have 3 and wahoo we are good to go Each square contains 20mg CBD. Unfortunately, I often felt no high from these, even though usually 10mg is perfect for me. These sour squares are a good addition to a night, not super powerful and the size/number of them helps you dose lightly and accurately. Not the best value at the new price imo. They taste like normal sour gummies. Can be just one and have a little smile or more if you want it more potent. (verified owner) – September 23, 2019. Going to order again and again. So yeah, you could say I’m a fan and will definitely be buying more. I will admit I LOVE the taste of these, however if you smoke or ingest on a weekly or more frequent basis, you will likely have to eat more of them to catch that buzz. defs would buy these again. For anyone looking for a medicated sour candy, look no further. Really nice taste and a good dosing. I usually eat about 5 or 6 however just 2 pieces put my non smoking girlfriend on her ass. 4.5/5! So good and you couldn’t even tell it’s an edible! Nice little buzz! Wouldn’t recommend for a solid high, but I find that 1 every few hours seems to help with irritability/stress during the day. Thanks BM, Some of the best tasting edibles – very potent as well. Yummy! Sometimes I have 1, sometimes I have 3. Only thing was I should’ve ate the whole bag instead of two doses. Each bag contains 300mg CBD in the whole package. will definitely get these again, perfect for going out with friends. Very “weedy” taste, took 3 and didn’t get much of a buzz. These are a good bang for your buck- having tried almost ALL available candies from this site- these are good – it takes a few of them for a seasoned stoner like me – but sure to do the trick. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. They are yummy but neither I nor my partner could get high on them. It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that I find a lot of other edibles have. I definitely recommend if you want a nice high and have a good time! I enjoy the sour taste, and love that they are in 10mg squares for easy dosing, but I don’t think I will be buying these again as they are not a satisfying buzz overall. I like the fact that contains 15 x 10 mg pieces show that you can usually get it correct dosage. Could just eat the whole pack if you want a good long lasting high! Will buy again, but only to go with a more potent edible. The high is good too. You get many flavours and the quantity is one of the best bang for your buck!! It only means I’m getting more. Home Run with these BM! Def worth adding to your order at the low cost. Recommend BAKED EDIBLES instead. Click to Shop Flower! Slight weed taste. 150 MG THC However the downside was they didn’t seem very potent, so I had to eat a lot of them to get the desired effect. 150mg THC (PHOTOS WILL BE DELETED ONCE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN APPROVED.). Tried “30mg” of that today and it knocked me on my ass! Like others said, some flavours are better than others, and more stronger tasting as well. Maybe a one off but not sure if I’ll take the chance on my next order. I love edibles but you need to know how many how many would get you too high. Will buy these again. I think the price is really good for the amount of gummies and the taste is really good too. One of my favourite edibles, these are the best bang for your buck even eating just a few of these i can feel the effects. These aren’t going to sit you down on your arse as a super high, but a quite pleasant buzz, even keel. Didn’t work well for me as I have a bit of a tolerance and need half a bag or more to get a noticeable buzz. 125ml Jar 400 mg THC / 47.34mg per tbsp / 15.77mg per tsp THC Coconut Oil Ingredients: Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil & solvent free THC distillate. These are quite tasty! At this point i’m convinced there was an issue with my batch. But I regret nothing LOL, I like these but you go through them like no ones business and they wear off fast. Gave some to my bro who smokes and does the occasional edible. NADA. They tasted ok and had a nice texture, but that’s really all I can say positive about them. Eating 3 supposedly gets you 45 MG of THC – but they sure didn’t feel that way at all. Perfect buzz at low doses,leaves me really clear-headed and functional while still feeling really nice and medicated.This is sorta my first time trying edibles, and I gotta say I really like the high!a different experience,feels more therapeutic.. “Although these have the most cannabis flavour out of all the candy options, to me. Super tasty and a good value. some of my favorite edibles…i have purchased this kind several times–i keep them handy in the fridge for a quick on the go type high/micro dose….i find mota to be a decent product–sometimes priced a bit high but i guess i cant complain. Tasty. Candies taste fine, little after taste, they do the trick (I have to eat a couple, but that’s expected with 10mg each). They’re not strong at all, I usually have 2 and will smoke a joint after. A excellent, easy to dose option for treating insomnia, pain, and to ease stress and anxiety away. I chop them up to make them last longer and sometimes mix them in with licorice nibs as a nice afternoon treat. 3 stars from me because they taste good and my girlfriend enjoyed them, but these didnt do much for me. These are my fave go to candy for when I want to be out & about, but not too high. The flavour is great, they taste like sour gummies. My tolerance isn’t even very high. The effects are great – I find they make me more sleepy than stimulated. Good stuff . Price is right. No complaints. A password will be sent to your email address. High was great, kept me focused and high energy. Good for a day you don’t want to get to high. Whereas 15mgs of BAKED EDIBLES gets me nice and high for a few hours. Delicious! Each square contains 20mg CBD. I’m always excited for your package to show up. Instantly get this week’s coupons to your inbox! Perfect for out on the go & getting things done. I set a timer and went about my night. Plus they are great gifts! Can highly recommend these. Very tasty however and hard to notice any weed taste. They do have a bit of a weed flavor but the price is great and I love how small they are. Can’t get enough of your gummies BM. I love them! I took 2 gummies which is 20mg. (verified owner) – July 16, 2019. Great for the first timer. These are our regular go to edibles. I personally need around 5. effects aren’t crazy either. Keep in mind the emptier your stomach, the harder these hit. (verified owner) – August 28, 2019. One of my favourites due to the mixed flavours. Honestly, I’m usually not a huge fan of edibles. They need to get their production quality in order. Was looking for something I could eat. Unfortunately I have an abnormally high edible tolerance so I didn’t get high… But they worked wonders for my partner. Good price, you may have to eat alot to get good buzz. These are very delicious, you don’t taste the THC. I think these were worth a try but I doubt I would re order. Get timely updates from your favorite products. A little less potent then some other gummies but sometimes it’s a good thing. I would reccomend to everyone. Great gummies, love the buzz. Take 2 to 3 of these for a nice relaxing evening. These were a waste of money for me. Ordered these for my girlfriend as she doesn’t like to smoke but loves getting high. Each square contains 20mg CBD. We find them incredibly consistent, and the buzz is always mellow, happy, and great. They are great top throughout the day puttering around the house, and if you want an extra kick, just smoke a joint and you are happy as a clam. 4.5 stars would be 5 stars but i find MOTA products a bit overpriced, CanMedic1 Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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