[1], The Fremantle Football Club initially under inaugural coach Gerard Neesham, have been big supporters of indigenous players. THE CANOE WAS USED FOR TRANSPORT, USED FOR HUNTING, TRADE BETWEEN GROUPS. ''They're not just football players - they're still Aboriginal people, they have the same views and commitments these kids are growing up with.''. A senior VFL/AFL or AFL Women's match is an Australian rules football match between two clubs that are, or have been in the past, members of the VFL/AFL or of the AFL Women's. THIS WILL BE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CLUB TO CELEBRATE THE HISTORY, CULTURE AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDERS AND RECOGNISE THE CONTRIBUTIONS THAT INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS MAKE TO OUR COUNTRY AND SOCIETY. THE TREE ALSO PROVIDED MANY OTHER RESOURCES FOR OUR PEOPLE SUCH AS THE BOOMERANG WHICH CREATES THE C IN THIS LOGO AND JUST AS THE BOOMERANG ENSURES THE CLUB RETURNS TO SUCCESS BOTH ON AND OFF THE FIELD. He cherishes the memory of Bob Jones taking his children to Halls Creek in the Kimberley when he was 10 or 11, seeing his people's land, coming to appreciate that the kids he saw there with little more than the clothes on their backs were family. Since the Victorian Football League (VFL), which is now known as the Australian Football League (AFL), was formed in 1897, there have been 178 known players of Indigenous Australian heritage that have played in a senior VFL/AFL match, and 11 known players of Indigenous descent have played in the AFL Women's since the inaugural season in 2017. Cooper's mother Mel is a policewoman based at Laverton, and has been involved in a parallel pursuit of Nallei Jerring - engaging the kids' parents in the importance of education and community. He and his sisters grew up with their mother in Hobart, and while he had an appreciation of the heritage of his Darwin-born father (former St Kilda ruckman Bob Jones), he admits he has much to take in and is keen to do so. Jones quickly recognised kids like himself, who haven't grown up in ''traditional'' indigenous communities, ''who might only have some or a little Aboriginal in them''. ''If I'd had the opportunity when I was their age, I'd have really jumped at it and enjoyed it,'' Jones says. It's a time as foreign to 10-14-year-olds as the drop kick is to their parents. PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL BE DONATED TO CARLTON'S INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY PROGRAM. THE COLOURS AND TEXTURES IN THIS GUERNSEY IS TO REPRESENT THE DEPTH AND BREADTH OF COMMITMENT REQUIRED FOR THE CARLTON FOOTBALL CLUB TO HAVE THE IMPACT AND GROWTH. Liam Jurrah: Melbourne: 2009–2012 36 81 Cousin of Liam Patrick. His Nallei Jerring story tells of a love for the Demons, for Nathan Jones and Aaron Davey, and his dream of being as good as his grandfather, ''Piccolo'' Peters, who made Healesville's team of the century. The children are encouraged to write their own football story, and in doing so to explore the story of their Aboriginality. ''I think the whole program [is about] all of us being comfortable with who we are,'' Mel Peters says. Attending workshops with teammates Brett Goodes and Koby Stevens, and the 30 Victorian indigenous children who are taking part, he has found himself surrounded by kids who remind him of his younger self. Alan Jones told listeners that Australia needed to have another Stolen Generation to save Indigenous children from their ‘drug and alcohol addicted' Aboriginal mothers and fathers. ''If you want to do something, stay in school, work hard and it's achievable. He's been to every session so far, and is emblematic of the teaching truism that children will throw themselves into a task, such as writing, when the subject matter is something they enjoy. ''Whether our colour of skin is pale or dark, we don't have to justify it, we're all a bit sick of justifying.''. Key to the seven workshops, which have included a virtual ''return to country'' excursion to the You Yangs, is a reconnection with the way young people interacted in a pre-social media age. AUCTION WINNERS CAN THEREFORE EXPECT TO RECEIVE THEIR MATCH-WORN/PLAYER ISSUE GUERNERY POST ROUND 17. ''If they can learn a bit off each other, networking and getting friends and staying in contact, they have that link to a little bit of culture.''. #14 liam jones 2018 indigenous signed game worn guernsey ... culture and achievements of aboriginal and torres strait islanders and recognise the contributions that indigenous australians make to our country and society. [2] They set records for the most number of indigenous players in AFL/VFL matches in 2003, with seven players, in an 83 point win over the Western Bulldogs[3] and then again in Indigenous Round (Round 10) 2017 with eight players. ''I need to learn a lot about culture,'' Jones says. Carlton Football Club Online AuctionsPowered by SportsTG, Due to the unique nature of each item, all sales are final, Buyer acknowledges that Seller shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages or lost profits (however arising, including negligence) arising out of or in connection with the sale of items on this site. [3], Players named in the Indigenous Team of the Century are indicated by a # next to their name. It does not include pre-season matches, interstate matches or international rules football matches. Peter Hanlon has worked at The Age since 1995, initially as deputy sports editor, subsequently as editor of the Saturday and Sunday Age sports sections, and since 2007 as a senior sports writer. A Buyer's Premium of 10% will be added to your bid price. The fact that she is one of barely 10 police officers among Victoria's 10,000 who identify as indigenous is alarming. For any other questions, please visit our FAQs section. THE DOTS AROUND THE LOGO REPRESENT THE TREES THAT SURROUND THE BORA GROUND WHICH IS A SIGNIFICANT PLACE WHERE CEREMONIES ARE HELD. Gavin Wanganeen (Essendon and Port Adelaide) was the first Indigenous Australian player to play 300 games, and Shaun Burgoyne is the current record-holder of most games played by an Indigenous player with 383 games for Port Adelaide and Hawthorn from 2002 onwards. THE LOGO ITSELF IS BASED ON THE CANOE TREE WHICH IS SIGNIFICANT TO MANY ABORIGINAL GROUPS IN VICTORIA AND OTHER ACROSS THE COUNTRY. CELEBRATE THE 2018 SIR DOUG NICHOLLS INDIGENOUS ROUND AND SECURE A PART OF CLUB HISTORY WITH THIS 2018 INDIGENOUS GAME WORN GUERNSEY. THE PATHWAYS REPRESENT THE CARLTON FOOTBALL CLUB’S MANY JOURNEYS ACROSS THE LAND TO SUPPORT ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES. An auction will continue to be extended until there are no further bids for a continuous 5 minute period. Jones quickly recognised kids like himself, who haven't grown up in ''traditional'' indigenous communities, ''who might only have some or a little Aboriginal in them''. Bulldogs Brett Goodes, Liam Jones and Koby Stevens with Victorian indigenous kids from the Bulldogs Koori youth program at the Western Oval.Credit:Sebastian Costanzo. The first recognised Indigenous Australian player to play in a senior VFL/AFL match was Joe Johnson who played 55 games for Fitzroy from 1904 to 1906, and was a member of Fitzroy's dual premiership-winning sides of 1904 and 1905. ''I think they appreciate now that we're exactly like they are, just a bit older, and that we've worked hard and been fortunate to get where we are. He was drafted by Australian Football League (AFL) club Western Bulldogs in the second round of the 2008 AFL Draft. He lives that dream now, a fact he has been keen to pass on to kids who were initially shy in front of men they had seen only on TV, but who Jones says have now become friends not only with each other, but with the footballers, too. Bulldogs Brett Goodes, Liam Jones and Koby Stevens with Victorian indigenous kids from the Bulldogs Koori youth program at the Western Oval. If Jones had been asked to write his own footy story when he was Cooper Craig-Peters' age, he says it would have told of a kid who had played for North Hobart since he was eight, who went for a kick every day at the local park, who played footy because his dad had played for St Kilda, and whose dream was to follow him into the AFL.

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