– JT, Stars of the Lid – The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid Standout Tracks: “Digital Witness,” “Prince Johnny,” “Birth in Reverse”. Standout Tracks: “High Horse,” “Slow Burn,” “Rainbow”. For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have). (Samuel Rogers), Max Richter ~ Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon, 2015) Replica came primarily from old television commercials; Lopatin layered and repeated unrecognizable microsamples, then made them fight with other inputs in a manner that would make Matthew Herbert and Richie Hawtin proud. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. is a record that banishes escapism and instead vomits out hallucinatory immersion, where sea and sky meet on the indistinguishable horizon. Replica therefore rests comfortably in the widely applied chillwave genre. is nostalgically and unashamedly “new age”; anyone who ever turned their nose up at that appellation will feel their shame lifted away like spray from the ocean. Led by the Will Toledo, who falls in with DIY artists like (Sandy) Alex G and Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi, Teens of Denial was ambitious enough to reach outside the devoted cult following Toledo held prior, and pushed the group to critical and popular acclaim. The best albums of the 2010s, then, not only define the decade, they chart an artistic rebirth. Statistics. Biosphere – N-Plants (2011). Malibu - One Life [UNO NYC] The release was ambitious, but the extra effort resulted in a classic long-form composition. It can swaddle a listener in a prickly buzz or tuned drone, but more often than not that will give way to (or interfere with) firmer rhythmic footing. So if the band’s self-titled debut sets its scene on the coke/ecstasy/PBR-ridden dancefloor of some all-night rager in a Brooklyn loft, and Sound of Silver is the hungover, sleep-deprived subway ride into one’s soul-crushing Manhattan 9-to-5 the next day, the new decade brought This Is Happening, the point where the trappings of youth have been long outgrown and a leaner, meaner kind of existential malaise sets in. A masterpiece. This decade’s ambient has had no shortage of experimental adventures, among which Grouper stands as one of its most representative artists. It’s not, but it’s amazing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It all comes to a soaring peak on “Prizewinning,” a marching flurry of bubbling ecstasy that is in itself a decade highlight. 317 (Josh Hughes), Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani ~ FRKWYS Vol. As the self receded into absence, “Dive’s” slow fade in of granular chordal melds resonated with coarse serenity inside the curved bowl of an empty skull. Fading loops play on and on, emerging from a haunted ballroom where the dance never ends. Contribute Albums. A drone-based collective like Stars of the Lid is often an all-or-nothing proposition. Fellow enthusiasts of Buchla synths, Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith together create languorous swathes of ambience which evoke the warming rays of the sun, the turn of the tides, the very rotation of the planet. Thanks to all the donors who make our public service possible!GET IN TOUCH, Did you find what you were looking for? Everything (the album) is an immersive experience that matches Everything (the game). But within the extended guitar solos and four-on-the-floor drums, Granduciel is kneading and pulling at the sound with expert dexterity. Awards. 1. Donato Dozzy & Neel – Voices From The Lake (2012). ); the opaqueness of this work, one that affirms the dissolution of each sound as it is heard, speaks to the pre-verbal qualities of ambient, its sprawling network of self-destructive drones. The eerie, mechanical calm of Norwegian veteran Biosphere’s eighth and best album is... 2.

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