IT depends how wide the fabric is. Whether it’s a simple T-shirt, kids PJ’s, a pretty summer dress or even a pair of knickers, making your own clothes is a hugely rewarding skill/craft that few people ever take the time to learn. Most of our clothes are made by anonymous, low-paid seamstresses working in factories on the other side of the world. If it’s a shirt, then also you need shirt length x 2 + 2 sleeve length + seam allowance. Buy back issues of Love Sewing direct from our web shop which includes plenty of beginner patterns. IMPORTANT to read before you start using the patterns, How to print and put together our patterns. Be sure to tag us over on Instagram with #lovesewingmag when you finish your first garment! If you are making a dress for somebody else then it’s always better to convey them the exact situation honestly and save your broken head later. Add extra if size differs or design pattern demands so. Related Post : When To Cut Fabric Lengthwise and When to Cut it Widthwise. FROM SINGLE WIDTH = DOUBLE LENGTH OF DRESS, How to Measure, Cut, Stitch and Wear Palazzo Pants, What Are the Basic 6 Steps of Sewing (Checklist 2020), Best Way To Learn Stitching as a Beginner, How To Take Measurement from Readymade Dress Easily, How to Use Bukram or Interfacing (Sewing Tips and Hacks), Sewing for Kids Done Differently (Must Remember Tips), Designer Kurti : Make a Designer Kurti in 4 Steps DIY, Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White and Blue) with Free Sewing KIT Worth RS 500, Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine (Black), Singer 1409 and Usha Dream Stitch Comparison Review 2020, Ready to Use Chart for Body Measurement (Sewing Formulas), 19 Reasons Why Usha Janome Stitch Magic is Best, 12 Proven Ways to Earn Money Sewing Work From Home, Types of Sewing Machine That Are Most Useful and Popular, Usha Dream Stitch and Singer 8280 Comparison Review 2020, Best Computerized Embroidery Machine for Beginners in 2020, How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home, The Metric System of Measurement (Sewing Basics 2020), Natural Fabrics You Must Have in Your Wardrobe 2020, Where to Buy Fabric for Your DIY Sewing Projects 2020, 15 Tips Before Buying Stitching Machine as Gift, Sewing Tools To Make Sewing Easy For You 2020, What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Sewing Machine. The editor and team are on hand to help too, if you get stuck. Hold the fabric length wise in both your hands stretched out as if you are hiding behind a curtain and check if the fabric is covering your body part widely enough. The same applies for zips in skirts, when they are being used down the whole length of the skirt. Thanks a mil. Crazy when you think how huge the fashion industry is! Before you cut into any expensive fabric, sew up a voile (a test garment) in an inexpensive fabric to test that you are cutting the correct pattern size. The best thing to d is find the pattern first then, going by the instructions on the back of the envelope, buy the right amount of fabric. Grab yourself a hot drink and take an hour to read through the pattern step by step before you begin. /*

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