Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were a little mixed. The ASUS TUF A15 with GTX 1660 Ti seems to go for around $1000, so when comparing apples to apples with the same Ryzen 7 4800H processor and memory the A15 does cost less money, and as we saw in games at max settings it was performing very closely to the 5600M on average at max settings, though at low settings levels the 5600M had a more consistent lead in games. I’ve also tested SPECviewperf which tests various professional 3D workloads. Apex legends was tested in Season 5 with the world’s edge map by running through the drill site. Control was tested running through the same section of the game on both laptops. We’ve included the important traits and shortcomings of each option, but you should definitely dig further into the devices that catch your attention, by reading the reviews and guides linked in each case.

Which graphics should you get in your next laptop?
The 1660 Ti was ahead in this one, though not too surprising as I’ve found this title to favour Nvidia in the past. In the Adobe Photoshop test however the scores were extremely close together with a slight edge to the 1660 Ti while the 1660 Ti was scoring much better when it came to the Adobe Premiere test. Om pagina's op Hardware Info te kunnen bekijken, moet je de cookies accepteren door op 'Ja, ik accepteer cookies' te klikken. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town on both laptops. I’ve started testing the 4600H G5, and so far the results are looking very impressive for the price, so compared to an ASUS TUF A15 that may only have a 1650 Ti for that price, the 5600M should blow it away. This time the RX 5600M was ahead in all cases. I think this is a result of smartshift, at these lower setting levels the processor should be able to get more power as the GPU needs less. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested using the built in benchmark, and it flips things around as it was one of the better results for the 1660 Ti, especially when looking at the 1% low performance at ultra settings which was 42% higher, though this could be different with Vulkan. This was an easy fix though, you just need to set them to high performance mode in the Windows graphics settings, however this wasn’t an issue with the 1660 Ti machine, so that felt like a more polished experience, but this could easily change with future updates. Laptop vs Desktop - GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Comparison. There are also cheaper models. Overwatch was tested in the practice range as it allows me to perform the exact same test run, perfect for a comparison like this. There are of course other important differences to factor in when comparing these two laptops, like the low response time screen in the A15. Cookies kunnen gebruikt worden om op sites van derden relevante advertenties te tonen. Again like CS:GO, the 5600M was ahead at all but the lowest setting level, though even at low the 1660 Ti was just 1.5% ahead in average FPS, so nothing major. At max settings the 5600M was 14% higher in average FPS, but at low settings it had a massive 40% lead, the largest difference out of all games tested, meanwhile the 1% low was 68% higher. In terms of driver issues, I didn’t have any crashes with either, but with the 5600M I will note that by default Vulkan games would try to run on the Vega iGPU. Guide by Will Judd , Senior Staff Writer, Digital Foundry

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