The first weeding just before the second mulching and repeated depending on the intensity of weed growth. BBF is the best method because the excess water can be drained out through the furrow. For next year planting seed material big and healthy rhizomes from disease-free plants free from spots or marks, bud or eye injury are selected immediately after harvest of the crop. bracts; flowers numerous yellow in colour with dark purplish spots, bisexual, epigynous, Use of Lantana camara and Vitex negundo leaves as mulch may reduce the infestation of shoot borer. rid of the last bit of the skin or dirt. Is it right time. warm and humid climate. Presence of larvae inside the folded leaves. Total cost incurred : Rs.1,33,650. It appears during July -October period. 0.5 to 0.75m height; leaves sheathy, alternately arranged, linear with 15 cm long and 5.0 kg per acre. Higher seed-rates are used for planting at higher altitudes. Decay of rhizomes. The green ginger is soaked in water to facilitate the removal of the skin. we are having TWO Acres of Land Nr. Dear Mr. Reddy. after the localities or places where they are grown. These are called unbleached ginger. Zinc Fertilizer of 2 kg per acre gives good yield if the soil is deficient in Zinc Micronutrient. You should not miss the Organic Vegetable Farming Income. Light traps will be useful in attracting and collecting the adult moths. Ginger crop usually grown as an annual and it is propagated through bit of rhizomes. planted at a spacing of 20-25 cm along the rows and 20-25 cm between the rows. The critical stages for irrigation are during germination, rhizome initiation (90 DAP) and rhizome development stages (135 DAP). ginger are grown in the different ginger growing areas in India. Several varieties are grown in different parts of India. rich in humus are ideal. In some areas, farmyard manure is used as mulch. Carefully preserved seed rhizomes free from pests and diseases which are collected from organically cultivated farms can be used for planting. Sengupta et al. Irrigation is given at varying intervals of 5 – 10 days as and when required. Ginger grows well in drained soils like sandy loams, clay loams, and red loams. We have Ginger Seeds of Nadia Variety which has highest yield in all Indian Variety of Gingers. Ginger is a herbaceous perennial with underground rhizomes having serial leafy shoots of potential is 25 to 35 tonnes per ha. The best varieties suited for different products are; In Ginger Farming, at the time of planting, apply 25 grams of powdered neem(Azadirachta indica) cake and mix well with the soil in each pit. improved varieties. Plough the field 2 to 3 times early summer to bring the soil fine tilth to eliminate plant debris and destroy soil clods. 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Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. From then irrigation is given once in 10 days based ion the weather and soil type. Disease and pest free sprouted 20–25gram weight and 2.5 to 5cm length bits of rhizome should be selected. Under open conditions plants raised from rhizome bits weighing 10 and 15 g gave higher dry ginger compared to plants from 5 g. Rhizome bits of cv. Bold rhizomes with fibre content. Pits are covered with coconut fronds. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Ginger contains an oleoresin (6.5%), commercially known as `Gingirene’, which is obtained by solvent extraction from ground ginger. Peeling should be done with great care and skill. Infests rhizome, feeds to clean them. In these pits 25kg seed rhizome can be stored. Indian dry ginger is known as a ‘Cochin Ginger and ‘Calicut Ginger’. The effect of storing seed rhizomes after cutting them into pieces was studied. The average yield of green ginger is estimated at about 6 to 10 tonnes per acre. It is an important part of the growing process of ginger. Kunduli local, It matures within 218 (Pseudomonas solanacearum), Affected pseudostem or Seed treatment: To eliminate fungal seed borne diseases treat the seed rhizomes with metalaxyl @ 2.5 g/lit or Copper oxy-chloride @ 3 g/lit, for bacterial wilt 200 ppm Streptocycline for 30 minutes. Mulching the beds with The first mulching is done at the time of I wish to do the farming of Ginger in Tamil Nadu area. stamens only one, ovary inferior, three carpelled; fruit an oblong capsule, seeds glabrous The rhizomes Ginger is also used for soft drinks and different medicine preparations. Soak the selected rhizomes for 30 minutes in a solution of Mancozeb and Malathion to give a final concentration of 0.3 percent for the former and 0.1 percent for the latter. Ginger takes 210-240 days to mature completely (dry ginger) after planting. The ginger sprouts of 4 to 6 cm can be detached from the mother rhizomes and can be utilized as planting material without adversely affecting further growth of the plant (Nair, 1977). Next Incorporate fully decomposed FYM at 90kg + neem cake20kg +2.5kg Tricoderma powder well mixed and cover overall mixture with gunny bags stored in shade sprinkle the water regularly after 15 days full decomposed nutrient rich mixture is ready to broadcast in the field at the time of planting prevents the incidence of rhizome rot disease/nematode problems and also helps increasing the yield. Under open and intercropping conditions, rhizome bits weighing 15 g recorded the highest sprouting. Is it right t time to plant Ginger. Use setts with at least two or more viable buds. Ahmed et al. However, if the disease is noticed, the affected clumps are to be removed carefully along with the soil surrounding the rhizome to reduce the spread.

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