All of the comics list below are available at your local comic book store or digitally on Comixology and DC Comics digital comics platform. Log in. Available October 21st 2015. Because profit. Thank you so much for this ! Justice League #48 (Part 8) Justice League: Trinity War. The Flash, GL, and Batman one shots could be read with only #44, but #45 is basically the issue that sets up all of them. Justice League #1-6 (Can be read in Justice League Vol 1: Origin). Collects Justice League #40-44 and Justice League Sneak Peek. Now I got my copy of JL Vol. Although, with the Darkseid War he has ramped up the scale significantly. © 2013-2020 How to Love Comics. For the most part, Trinity War is the DC event that had been promised since the end of Flashpoint. new to comics here . Hello Trevor nice article may I ask what other big story lines from either dc & marvel did you enjoy reading? Thanks! (It took them long enough!). Art by Francis Manapul. Available June 3rd 2015. Written by Francis Manapul. Available February 24th 2016. More expensive so higher margin per book so more money. SUPERMAN (1978) – Finding The Hero Inside Us, Creannotators #24: “Billionaire Island” Interview With Writer Mark Russell, Marvel Year Twenty-Six: 1987 Variant Cover B. Tarot Reading of X-Men: X of Swords Chapter 13 – Marauders #14! Justice League #44 (Part 4) Comics Reading Order! Great lists by the way. things like stopping to explain the one shots spin off from issue 45 makes this a perfect checklist. Tarot Reading of X-Men: X of Swords Chapter 12 – X-Men #14! Geoff Johns Justice League Reading Order After creating my Grant Morrison Batman reading order, I decided to create another order based on one of my favorite Justice Leagues runs of all time by the one and only Geoff Johns! While I feel like Forever Evil had a few issues, I really enjoyed that too. It'll be a year before I know what's going on lol. Art by Jason Fabok. Justice League #45 (Part 5) I pretty sure I saw somehwere that vol 7 actually does collected #45. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Saga Reading Order. Written by Tom King. Available April 27th 2016. For the collected edition of part 2(issues 46-51) will all of them be included along with the Special about Grail? Didn’t know where to start, great work bro ! Written by Rob Williams. Justice League: The Darkseid War: The Flash#1 4. Weird, I know. Available July 27th 2015. Can you send me the links? Thank you for this awesome work . The unofficial DC Comics Subreddit which ones do I get to for the complete set? A lot of the mysteries that came out of it have either not been addressed yet (multiple Jokers) or were addressed in other comics such Wonder Woman, The Last Days of Superman, Action Comics, and DC Universe: Rebirth.

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