When searching for small computer desks, we too were looking for the traditional four legged kind, however we stumbled across this beauty. This keyboard tray makes it possible for the desk to be more narrow than a regular desk, making it ideal for fitting into small offices and bedrooms. It’s not the best option for everyone, but putting it together is easy if you’ve ever built or upgraded a PC before. For about the same price as the prebuilt version of the Intel NUC, you could buy the barebones NUC10i5FNH, a Windows 10 license, a 500 GB SSD, and 16 GB of memory—twice as much memory and storage as in the preconfigured systems we recommend. HP’s ProDesk 600 G5 is small, quiet, and attractive. Thanks to Google’s Chrome OS, the CTL Chromebox CBX1C is faster than a similarly priced, $250 Windows PC at browsing the web, basic word processing, and playing movies. The keyboard tray measures around 21″.5″ by 14.5″, making it more than large enough to accommodate a keyboard and mouse pad. When space is tight in a small room, using multi-purpose furniture can be a great help. Your bench has to flexible in terms how it gives maximum adaptability without compromising ergonomics. Make the most of the free space available when choosing your computer desk by choosing the correct size and correct shape. If you don’t mind installing your own storage and memory and loading Windows yourself, the Intel NUC10i5FNH (or the NUC10i5FNK, which doesn’t have room for a 2.5-inch hard drive or SSD but is a half-inch shorter) is identical to our preconfigured Intel NUC pick but doesn’t include storage, memory, or an operating system. The software is easy enough to uninstall, but we wish there was less of it. It is a small little desk that will be ideal as a writing table or for a laptop. Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 73 cm (W x D x H) | Weight: 11kg (desk) + 28kg (per drawer unit). Workstations and industrial furniture design and implementation always begin with the person performing the work. As mentioned, we’ve owned this desk (which comes in a range of different woods and colors) for some years, and have been very happy with it, so can definitely recommend it as great value for money considering the not too wallet-damaging asking price. The raised mini shelf is perfect for your printer and has a weight capacity of 30 pounds. A complete computer workstation that will fit into a small space. PS5 vs Xbox Series X: which next-gen console should you buy? Wirecutter is reader-supported. Similarly, these computer desks can also be used for all of these purposes. Powered by WordPress and Themelia. We’ve seen a couple of comments online observing that the top of the desk may be a little prone to potentially getting chipped, but equally, that could be down to carelessness – and there seem to be plenty of happy Linnmon owners with no such complaints. It’s a combination of built-in customer support and system update apps and business-class apps that normal people don’t need to care about. But it still doesn’t make the NUC a great choice for gaming—most people should stick to the newer, 10th-generation models, especially since the eighth-generation models aren’t any cheaper. However, when this table is folded up it only measures L 51” x W 25” x H 6.25”. Using it for a week, we thought it felt more capable than a 2017 MacBook Pro for basic computing, and it never slowed down with 10 applications open running multiple tasks. One neat extra worth mentioning is that there are nifty cable management holes on either end of the desk. Overall dimensions are 57.36″ H x 62.21″ W x 23.5″ D and it weighs a whopping 215 lbs. Welcome to our pick of the best office desks in 2020. At Wirecutter, he has spent dozens of hours researching and testing computers and accessories. UK readers can purchase the Abacus desk directly from John Lewis, plus there are also options on an Abacus corner desk, and one with a set of drawers. HP has also made all of its ProDesk and EliteDesk models easy to upgrade (though Dell Optiplex Micro models, Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny desktops, and Intel NUC units are all pretty easy to open up too). Intel’s just-released 10th-generation desktop processors aren’t a huge improvement over the eighth- or ninth-generation models in most of our recommended mini PCs, but they have prompted most PC manufacturers to release new models. We advice you to choose the computer desk that you like from the list above, click on the image or the text links and then read some reviews.

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