From buffs to card draw, this deck has it all. Breaking news: Head back to the first page of this article. . Here’s the Stealth Rogue deck we’ll be using for the Ashes of Outland expansion. She often leads directly to 3 face damage to your opponent as well as an inconvenient trade for them at the minimum. Best Priest Decks for Scholomance (November 2020) – Standard & Wild! Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game. This card is so ubiquitous in Rogue decks that it's best to assume the Rogue sitting opposite you has it in their hands, and is capable of making use of that two damage very early on in the game. Wild can be a bit difficult to predict, so here's a look at some decks that have been successful on the Wild ladder. The very best thing to do if you're unfamiliar with the Rogue's mechanics is to acquaint yourself thoroughly with all of these combo and card-draw cards via the My Collection tab of the game's interface. All rights reserved. James can usually be found wearing dungarees. Quest Rogue was probably even more infamous than Miracle, and required Blizzard to nerf it multiple times before they were content to leave it alone. Hearthstone - best Rogue basic deck, free deck, Rogue cards We'll help you understand the Rogue's combo system, avoid the class's most powerful cards, and head into battle with a fantastic free deck. - Don’t forget that Burrowing Scorpid’s Battlecry can target the enemy Hero. More about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. - Skyvateer is pretty weak at only 1 attack, but buff it with Ashtongue Slayer or Cold Blood and you’ve got a frightening minion with a pretty useful Deathrattle. Spymistress is a 3/1, but is really tough to get rid of thanks to her Stealth. Those playing against the Rogue would be wise to hang onto any Oozes drawn at the start of the game, and resist the urge to use them on their opponent's vanilla dagger. Hearthstone Best Mage Decks (November 2020) – Standard & Wild! You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos, but we will continue to add much more for Stealth Aggro Rogue over time. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. It’s only 2 damage, but if you’re looking for that last bit of reach, this can get you over the line. Flik Skyshiv is another emergency removal card, along with Sap, and you can always direct the damage from Eviscerate and Burrowing Scorpid to face to finish the enemy off. Spells, Hero Powers - whatever it takes to be able to finish off at least one of these minions on your next turn is essential. Take a look through our guide to some of the Rogue's key cards, then take our free deck for a quick spin to find out how the class works in competitive play. We’ve gone for a reasonably aggressive tempo style of play here, and you’ll be looking to finish the match pretty quickly if things go according to plan. Rogue has been one of the more popular classes over the years. Stealth Rogue has a lot going on early game - try to take advantage. closes down April 2021, Hearthstone's Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion is out in November, Darkest Dungeon 2 is going 3D, entering early access next year. Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Updates and Patch Notes, Deck Tier List (Standard) - Scholomance Academy - August 2020 (Season 77), Best Budget Scholomance Academy decks - Cheap deck lists for the casual Hearthstone player, Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Best Heroes Tier List, Hearthstone: Best Budget Decks for Ashes of Outland, Hearthstone deck tier list (Ashes of Outland), Stealth Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland), Tempo Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland), Secret Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland), Galakrond Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland), Malygos Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland), Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck list guide - Scholomance Aademy - Hearthstone (September2020), Soul Demon Hunter deck list guide - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone (August 2020), Aggro Demon Hunter deck list guide - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone (August 2020). It’s also a more costly and secret-oriented version of one the most competitive decks of the Descent of Dragon expansion. So if you want to try a less zoo-oriented Dragonbane deck, this will be your best option. Combo: Deal 4 damage instead. Best Demon Hunter Decks for Scholomance (November 2020). All three of these cards are capable of dealing direct damage to minions and/or the Hero opposite you, while two of them provide a bonus effect which can really turn the tide of battle in your favour. Akama Prime is an outrageously strong minion, giving you 6 attack on board and a permanent Stealth effect, meaning your enemy can’t ever target it. It dominated the meta for a while, but eventually got nerfed and had cards sent to Wild. Best Paladin Decks for Scholomance (November 2020) – Standard & Wild! Remember though, you have to control a Stealthed minion for this Battlecry to trigger. Hyper aggro? If you have a low-mana card to play alongside it, you can really cause your opponent a headache while dropping a pretty good minion on the board at the same time. Best Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Decks – Top Meta Decks! The Rogue is the combo class par excellence in Hearthstone, and you'll have to deftly weave synergy between cards to get the best out of this enigmatic Hero. The class got some new stuff to play with, so there's going to be some new options to bring into Standard or Wild ladder. Normally, you will notice that just the most powerful cards out of the set find their way into decks. These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Stealth Rogue: Here’s a few combos and interactions to look out for with Stealth Rogue. All Rights Reserved. - Hooked Scimitar amounts to 8 damage over the course of 2 attacks, ideally to the enemy’s face. Our Stealth Rogue deck list guide features the best Ashes of Outland deck list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). Possible Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire expansion teased! This fits incredibly well in a deck that runs a lot of low drops. Hearthstone 18.2 Patch – New Battlegrounds Heroes and Card Balance Updates. Early on, many control decks will plonk a Taunt or two in your way, so it’s often acceptable to use Sap or Eviscerate on them to ensure your minions can go face. The Defias Ringleader is a very common opening card for Rogues who are granted The Coin at the start of a match. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Stealth Rogue takes advantage of the class’ brand new Stealth synergies brought about in the Ashes of Outland expansion. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. However, the archetype would pop up early in each expansion. by James Law, 6 BAD: Rogue’s Bazaar Burglary To stay on top of all the latest Hearthstone developments, take a look through our dedicated Hearthstone site MetaBomb. Rogue not allow to have a single competitive deck even when other classes have way more broken cards untouched. Followed up by Ashtongue Slayer though, you can really keep tempo on the board, giving her massive attack power and Immune so she won’t take a hit. The deck has some different variants floating around right now, but it appears to be having the most success of any other archetype for the class. Find most popular Rogue decks in different archetypes. Plus: next-gen variable rate shading technology put to the test. While it's possible you opponent has another Ooze in their hand, seeing the first one appear is a good enough trigger to put this card into play. You can check out daily, weekly and monthly win-rates for each Weapon Rogue deck list. Secret Passage If possible, try to bait the Rogue into using this weapon boost on one of your weaker minions. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Gears Tactics best skills and build recommendations for Support, Vanguard, Sniper, Heavy and Scout explained, Fire Emblem Three Houses romance options list and S-Support relationships explained. Nerf the card draw. Going face is, as always, the most important thing though. With that said, it's because of the Rogue's unique playstyle that it is in every player's interests to spend at least a little time in the class's shadowy shoes.

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