We are driven by a commitment to prove Beauty Epic is best for beauty and improve women's lives by covering daily breakthroughs in beauty, Lifestyle and Health. Reaching for H2O in the morning rehydrates your system after its nightly fast. Yep, a glass of water on an empty stomach also helps regulate your digestion (ahem, your bowel movements) so you get it out of the way first thing. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Peppermint tea in particular is a known natural decongestant. Further, just like any organ, your hair needs fluids for nourishment. All Rights Reserved. She holds a BS in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. If you’re getting the recommended seven to eight-ish hours of sleep per night (and if you’re not, we can help), you’re going a pretty long period of time without any water consumption (especially if you’re following rule #5 here). 9 Benefits of Drinking Water When You Wake Up in the Morning, 6. We shake hands upon meeting someone new, hug our friends and family, touch germ-infested handrails, share close living spaces, and breathe the same air as those around us. But remember: Your water intake should amount to at least a half gallon a day to really ward them off, experts say. Pre-clinical research has shown the peppermint tea is extremely beneficial in protecting skin against the radiation damage. Drinking water as soon as you wake up is a good way to replenish your body with the hydration that it needs to properly function. This resulted in the participants feeling full before eating their meal and therefore consuming fewer calories. Dehydration is one of the principal causes of some unwanted skin issues, including: Starting your day off with a healthy dose of hydration can also help promote blood flow to your skin, keeping it appearing youthful for years to come. While it’s best to drink pure, filtered water, if it will make it easier for you to drink this much water as soon as you get up, you can always add in some water flavoring enhancers. When you drink water, your body senses this new arrival, which then triggers signals to your intestines to get moving, which increases the chances that you’ll have a bowel movement. Affiliate links are used on this site. 3. The more you pee, the more toxins you flush out. Your morning hydration routine will help stimulate bowel movements. Flavored water is better than no water at all. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You can add some honey or sugar to make it more delicious. Your water intake in the morning also helps balance your lymphatic system, which can boost your immune system as well. This fruit is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, calcium and potassium - just to name a few of the vitamins it contains. Keeping your hair hydrated goes beyond moisturizing with a conditioner after washing your hair. Drinking water in the morning also refreshes your mind and body as it carries oxygen through your bloodstream to your vital organs and tissues. Step 3: Keep a vessel with appropriate amount of boiling water and let it boil for 10 minutes. If you experience frequent headaches, drinking water first thing in the morning can either eliminate them or reduce their duration and severity in pain. Keeps ur hydrated. Dehydration can greatly impact the health of your hair, and drinking water as soon as you wake up helps nourish your strands from the inside out. Severe cold and flu can lead to sinus problem so sipping a peppermint tea is the best remedy to get relief from sinus. Sipping pepper mint tea in the morning helps to release the stress level and also induce better functioning of brain. Then, we will go over a few suggestions of how much water you should drink in the morning. The harmful UVA or UVB rays directly penetrated the skin leads to damage of skin cells and further breakouts. Drinking water in empty stomach in the morning can be immensely beneficial for the body! When you drink peppermint tea, it helps the food to move quickly through the stomach and also relieves the painful gas which is mostly associated with digestive issues. especially if you’re following rule #5 here, We often forget to drink as much water as we should, as it carries oxygen through your bloodstream to your vital organs and tissues, For additional things you can do to keep your body strong in the fight against diseases, check out this post, Here are some other things you can do in the morning to boost your metabolism, water dilutes the acids that can lead to these health issues, your colon and small intestine process the food you consumed throughout the previous day, here are some suggestions for the best water filter pitchers, healthy habit that you can add to your list, 200+ of the Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books, 71 Morning Routine Ideas to Successfully Start Your Day, Learn Something New: 101 New Skills to Learn Starting Today, Best Pedometer Watch (and Wearable) Review for 2020. For headache pain, you can consume the peppermint tea early in the morning or empty stomach and try to grasp the aroma which is very refreshing before you drink this tea. Final Thoughts on Drinking Water in the Morning. Also, by drinking water first thing in the morning, you may reduce the number of calories that you eat for breakfast because you will already have a full stomach. Alternatively, if your body becomes dehydrated, your mental and physical performance can suffer. One study found that people who drank water before a meal were able to lose 4.5 pounds within three months because the water filled their stomach with a zero-calorie substance. The more water you drink, the less likely you will be to develop health ailments such as these. But each is to a product that we've researched and highly recommend. Beauty Epic is the beauty network that sets a new level of trust and honesty in beauty world. The most important benefit of peppermint tea is its power to release stress, as it is always considered a healthy body is because of healthy brain. Step 1: Take some fresh leaves of mint leaves and take them out of stems. These were the various benefits of drinking peppermint tea. Drinking peppermint tea regularly every morning helps to improve the skin texture and also keeps them healthy. Due to essential amino acids and compounds it helps in decreasing the muscle inflammation and relaxing them too. The Menthol in the peppermint provides the relief from cough and flu. Consuming water can stimulate the growth of red blood cells, which will provide you with a burst of natural energy and cognitive function. Keep water by your bed so you can roll over and drink it as soon as you wake up. (Just be sure you keep sipping throughout the day. But hear us out: While it seems way less appealing, sipping around 20 ounces of water first thing may be better for your health. Not only it helps in losing weight but the aroma of the peppermint reduces the overeating. To make things the easiest, you can keep a water bottle right by your bed. From the top head to the toes, there is everything that is beneficial on health. Having a stronger immune system can help you fight off a variety of health threats. It's as simple as that. When you get up and drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, it helps your body naturally eliminate these toxins, including bacteria that may otherwise lead to illness. RELATED: 5 Ways Warm Lemon Water Could Kinda Change Your Life. If you’re getting the recommended seven to eight-ish hours of sleep per night (and if you’re not, we can help), you’re going a pretty long period of time without any water consumption (especially if you’re following rule #5 here). 9 Benefits of Drinking Water When You Wake Up in the Morning 1. So be sure to chug some water (may we suggest a chic reusable bottle?) Because your large intestine absorbs any excess water in your body, drinking an insufficient amount of water can make it difficult to move your bowels, but if you make it a habit to drink water as soon as you wake up, you can help ensure that your digestive system becomes more regular. In fact, thermogenesis that is caused by drinking water can increase your metabolic rate by 24-30% for up to 60 minutes. Aroma of peppermint tea is famous around the globe because it tends to refresh the mind instantly, and this is a strong aroma due to high content on menthol in it helps to boost the body in numerous ways and here we list some important benefits of peppermint tea. Drinking peppermint tea in the morning helps to calm down the insensibility in the body which further leads in balancing the hormones. 2. Peppermint tea helps to treat this damaged cell and produce the new cells rapidly and replace them. Most sources claim that it’s best to drink “two glasses” of water upon waking up in the morning. In addition to this, your increase in a.m. fluid intake will boost the amount of urine that helps filter your kidneys, which will also dilute any potential mineral build-up you have in there. While you sleep, your colon and small intestine process the food you consumed throughout the previous day. A decrease in your metabolism can result in a variety of health problems, including diabetes and obesity. While it’s important to drink water at any time throughout the day, having a big glass when your alarm goes off in the morning offers some unique rewards. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Drinking peppermint tea helps to reduce the tooth aches and decrease the inflammation if any. Headaches due to dehydration are secondary headaches, as they’re caused by having insufficient fluid in the body. (Don’t worry, you can still get your caffeine fix immediately after.) Step 5: Let the tea boil down for next 20 minutes and add some fresh leaves over the water. (It also helps flush acids off your teeth. Because your cells need oxygen to properly function, this process wakes your body right up and gives you the energy that you need to survive. But does it matter when you drink that water? 8 Best Multivitamin Supplements for Women (2020 Review), 9 Best Vegan & Plant-Based Protein Powders for 2021, 11 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss for 2021, >> Click to Grab the FREE Book: The Morning Routine for Peak Performance<<.

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