APPLICATION OF MATHEMATICS IN ENGINEERING FIELDS. Several examples where differential equations are used to model real life situations. Statistics is used in many fields such as business analytics, demography, epidemiology, population ecology, etc. Mathematics is used in a large variety of real world applications. Uses of Computer at Home. Application of Trigonometry -Abhijit H Jadhav (Roll no 02 ) - Vasudev Bagal(Roll no 03 ) - Rupesh K Bandal(Roll no 04 ) “Mathematics may not teach us how to add love or minus hate. There are two combinatorics categories: enumeration and graph theory. Technology. Topology is applied in the study of the structure of the universe and in designing robots. In the modern financial theory, mathematics in the field of finance is another important application is analyzed in option pricing and investment decision using differential game method, and the application of this aspect has made remarkable achievements. Here are some of them: Algebra is a broad division of mathematics. Real analysis is also called the theory of functions of a real variable. 3. By – Shreet Mishra (XI) Roll no. The core problem is the selection theory of the optimal investment strategy and the asset pricing theory under the uncertain condition. American Journal of Industrial and Busin... Chengdu Normal University, Chengdu, China, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. 1. Financial mathematics not only have a direct effect on the innovation of financial instruments and financial markets operate efficiently, but also for the company’s investment decision-making and evaluation of project research and development (such as real options) and risk management in financial institutions has been widely used [1] . Industry. They are used at Home for work and entertainment purposes, at Office, In hospitals, in government organizations. The word mathematics was coined by the Pythagoreans in the 6th century from the Greek word μάθημα (mathema), which means “subject of instruction.” There are many different types of mathematics based on their focus of study. Unlike the other types of geometry, it is not concerned with the exact dimensions, shapes, and sizes of a region. Differential geometry is a field in mathematics that utilizes different mathematical techniques (differential calculus, integral calculus, linear algebra, and multilinear algebra) to study geometric problems. Logic is the discipline in mathematics that studies formal languages, formal reasoning, the nature of mathematical proof, probability of mathematical statements, computability, and other aspects of the foundations of mathematics. Number theory, or higher arithmetic, is the study of positive integers, their relationships, and properties. Mathematics also involves structure, space, and change. Applied mathematics is those which are used in other sciences such as engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine, even social sciences, etc. An Academic Publisher, Three Important Applications of Mathematics in Financial Mathematics (). Finance is used as a subdiscipline of economics of identity development, though it has a characteristic enough from the economic independence, but it still requires economic principle and economic technology related as background. It is pure mathematics, and is good for people who like plane geometry and proving. Math develops logic and critical thinking. Complex analysis is also called the theory of functions of a complex variable. Applying mathematics to the financial field is based on some financial or economic assumptions, and uses abstract mathematical methods to construct mathematical models of how the financial mechanism works. Sometimes called modern algebra, abstract algebra is an advanced field in algebra concerning the extension of algebraic concepts such as real number systems, complex numbers, matrices, and vector spaces. It also studies the relationship and properties of set of points. The journal publishes theorems on solutions to (partial) differential, integral, algebraic and stochastic equations, such as their well-posedness, their relevant properties, and their (numerical) approximation. This paper portraits the role of mathematics … The uncertainty disturbance is assumed to be a hostile one, and the optimal investment strategy with strong robustness can be obtained by optimizing the worst case. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! It should be said that this theory has a strong sense of normative, which tells investors how to make investment choices. So, the application of differential game method to study the problems in the financial sector will have broad prospects, especially has very important significance for the study of the random strategy, repeat, combination and other financial problems of securities investment. Category theory is a formalism that is used for representing and manipulating concepts and symbolic representations of domains. It can be considered as the unifying type of all the fields in mathematics. Unlike the many other ones mentioned above, discrete mathematics is not a branch, but a description of the study of mathematical structures that are discrete rather than continuous. thank you mathematician geologist animator electrical engineer application of maths in various fields ... Pictorial depiction of different conic sections, different forms of parabola and details about tangent to a parabola in tabular form for comprehensive learning. The word geometry comes from the Greek words ‘gē’ meaning ‘Earth’ and ‘metria’ meaning ‘measure’.

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