@from_beyond: Thor also isn't holy doly because he also get beaten by much lower tier enemies. Dark_Wing 1 y 3 mo 9 d . Now that the Thor wank has died down a bit. About she and electricity.. as far as i watched those scenes maybe she is less unstopable but she is absolutely fine after electricity. Thor wins all rounds. Hulk is weakling in mcu. Consistently struggles to lift objects such as planes. Even MCU Hulk stomps her. Thor vs Supergirl # Thor 8/10. She gets knocked out by lightening and screams pretty easily. Except Thor can either project energy from his weapon or just call down lightning. She honestly could blitz him to death, however because Thor just lost everything including his brother, and he’s blood lusted while being forged with Stormbreaker.... Yeah he’s not going down without one hell of a fight. It be like Supergirl's two fights with the slower Vartox. I am not low balling. This is honestly a good fight. LOL at those saying she wins. However, I have ten more episdoes of S3 to watch so my opinion may change. Thor all rounds Kara only had speed to her advantage she can't hurt Thor. The first two would be very easy, the last she'd need to work for. Deaney 2 mo 5 d . Thor wins R3. Thor's only advantage is a piercing weapon in Stormbreaker, but that won't be nearly enough to bridge the gap. thor and Kara's powers hesitates a lot. Thor wins round 2 and 3 with speed equalised , Kara beats Thor in round 1. Thor all rounds really. Even if he did, it would be a Hyperbole considering that he got knocked tf out by hits from the Hulk, something even Black Widow survived. If we take overally best feat moments so Kara is casual 1 milion ton lifter and simply destroys tochnology capable of resisting black holes so Kara would win even by logic destroy axe or hammer and utterly burn thor. I think kara wins all rounds including round 3. You are attacking an argument that I didn't even make. And even R3 win is not guaranteed considering Kara is bloodlusted. Smallville Supes though will beat Thor. @deactivated-5bdbf1dc6fdcc: Deluded as ever. Second, Supergirl has been punched out by strong folks so is Thor strong enough? I would rather say stalemate. Thor has operated on a much higher level. Kara normally avoids equal to her speed enemies. Kluba577 1 y 7 mo 25 d . Thor gets annihilated. He is not star level. He nearly died in seconds, if he was star level, he would have tanked that. I am talking about CONSISTENT showing. It really hasn't. Thor gets curbstomped in R1, loses R2 and hacks Kara into a bloody mess in R3. That was 20 days ago. I am talking about CONSISTENT showing. He will destroy her and all other CW Kryptonians. Loses rest. How can she put down someone who withstood force of a star? Kara one-shots all 3 rounds. So will Hulk. @rbt: Yes very true.. Can't deny that. I'm glad the Thor wank has died out. If he had Stormbreaker and equal speed (not the scenario), she's in trouble. Yes i know just told how she is strong. Thor vs Supergirl # Thor Supergirl is definitely faster than Thor and more aggressive than superman in combat but lack of combat experience including Thor's magic, Supergirl will going down. @gamer-guy: stop wanking Kara she lose 1 too, @omriamar: @amonfire1776: @abezethibou: Nice joke. But from what I have seen so far, Kara is weak. I'm not gonna lie, the speed advantage has Supergirl win round 1 but I think once Thor reaches Infinity War levels of power the scales tip in his favour. Those claiming that Kara wins in all rounds, what are some of her feats? He will solo Kara, Reign and all other CW Kryptonians. Kara easily. Thor has operated on a much higher level. I’m confident that if Kara didnt hold back her first would go threw Thor on impact. Maybe John Jozz would be better for thor. De. Livewire took her down once and her power is significantly inferior to Thor, U know both are extremely inconsistent. @dianaallmighty: If she can't avoid a blast from Livewire or Silver Banshee, she can't avoid Thor's Thunder. Sorry if u thought i disagree. When did I claim that Thor is star level? Yep Kara dies. Only have ten or more episodes to finish the 3rd season. Also the reason I said R2 is 50/50 is because Kara completely has the speed advantage. Just two posts above your comment, we have an alt claiming the star level durability of Thor. If kara deserves downball then Thor also to same extent, And Lool at Hulk. Lol just more Thor wank. Let alone Thor. Thor was literally blasted by the full force of a star and survived WITHOUT a hammer and badly damaged armour. Kara blitzes his head off especially given how she was keeping up with Barry while they circled the globe like dozens of times. She absolute zero freezes him, and it's over. So will Hulk. Smallville Supes though will beat Thor. Supergirl (CW) vs Thor (MCU) # Supergirl (CW) @LordTracer and btw his blunt force resilience is a joke so she will one punch him into head or use true absolute zero to freeze him to soul or stun him ith thunderclap or just fry his eyes because she casually can fry kryptonian eyes to coal who shows much greater dur. I don't watch Supergirl and have only seen her in CW crossover events. She's a lot stronger than Thor and actually skilled, she'll overpower Thor and take his axe from him. Mjolnir is a gamebreaker. The cloak would pose a huge problem as Thor in his powered-up form could take a full smash up from the Hulk while incapacitated and still survive with minimal injuries. show 1 reply . @thepunisherfan: Kara still has absolute zero freeze breath which she could likely open with in R3 considering she's bloodlusted as well. From what I saw, she appears to be city level. I am not low balling. Yea... no. Thor wins every round. She's much stronger, and has versatility advantage. However, I have ten more episdoes of S3 to watch so my opinion may change. Now with speed not equalized, she can blitz him and toss him. Kara curbs him. Kara normally desintegrated technology capable of resisting black holes so... @dianaallmighty: you do realize i said kara stomps all rounds right? Nice try those of you that this Kara can’t hurt Thor. He outstrips her in striking strength and durability, and can tag her with lightning to slow her down enough to the kill blow. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @spiderfan130666: Has CW Kara shown weakness to magic ? feats than Thor. Supergirl also has been affected by massive electrical hits - that's a Thor thingee. Going by her CONSISTENT showing, Thor one shots her. And yes, Kara has shown a weakness to electricity. Not sure what can hurt him. Speed's not going to be enough for Kara to win. I think CW supergirl can take on MCU Slowdinson, IW hype calmed down so Kara wins all 3 rounds, @from_beyond: if u don't watch so don't comment. Thor's star level feat is an outlier just like Kara's continent level feat. However, Thor does consistently operate on a higher level than Kara. Speed equalized for R3? Thor vs Supergirl # Supergirl Kara is stronger than Supes. Except Thor can either project energy from his weapon or just call down lightning. @dianaallmighty: What does that even mean? Is that even a question especially Thor forged with Stormbreaker? That why i do not like threads with them because they are really inconsistent. He will solo Kara, Reign and all other CW Kryptonians. If we take average powerset they are equal scrwing inconsistency, She lifted a key that weighed 1 million tons. Kara withstood continent busting explosion and Reign's punches. Magic, superior striking strength and durability. This pretty much. Hell, Bloodlusted Kara solos the Avengers pretty casually. Kara is pathetically weak. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It be like Supergirl's two fights with the slower Vartox. He can basically one-shot her with Stormbreaker and on top of that he's got his Lightning Cloak and could defo tag her with his lightning attacks. Thor all rounds really. Or gets knocked out by stupid gummy ball. She's just much faster and much stronger, in addition to having better peripheral powers like heat-vision and freeze-breath. Now I have pretty much caught up on it.

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